Why a Great Script Is Critical To the Success of Your Explainer Videos

//Why a Great Script Is Critical To the Success of Your Explainer Videos

When the term explainer video is mentioned, visuals quickly pop to the mind. However, visuals are just a component of an explainer video. While audio plays a key role in the success of explainer videos, the script is critical too. Here is why:

Ø The script stimulates your explainer videos’ audio and visual senses

A nicely done explainer video is capable of arousing an explainer video’s audio and visual senses at the same time. This helps the audience to decipher the information quickly and retain it for longer. For an explainer video to realize this, clarity and simplicity in your visuals are key. But even more important is the audio. It should be easily understood. In fact, the audio supersedes imagery when creating explainer videos.

Take a moment and think about the role of an explainer video. It’s to take a daunting concept and break it down into an understandable one. Visuals fortify your explainer video’s message. That’s why a great script is vital here. If the script is sophisticated, it will show in the video. In other words, an explainer video can fulfill its role without great visuals, but it can’t do so without a great script.


Ø A great explainer video script passes the brand message across in a matter of minutes

Some business owners try to show their prowess in the English language by including complex words in their product explainer videos. Such vocabulary is not entertained in explainer videos as they scare off viewers. The most high-converting explainer videos out there take about one minute or less, and they put a lot of emphasis on audio to make ideas easy to understand, instead of making them complex. In other words, your audience should not look in the dictionary when watching your explainer videos. For a great explainer video, you only have 60 seconds to simplify anything that seems hard for the viewers to understand. That’s why you have to fine-tune the script.


Ø An explainer video script enables a customer to share your message with other customers easily

Most businesses have achieved impressive growth due to word of mouth. You should also use that strategy to grow your brand. You can only achieve this if your script is easy to understand. So make sure your script is not only engaging but informative as well.

A great script and audio are the bedrock of a high-converting explainer video. Therefore, it’s recommended that you invest a lot of time, effort and money into them to come up with a killed explainer video. The tips above come in handy in that vein.


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