The 6 Stages of Making Killer product Explainer Videos

//The 6 Stages of Making Killer product Explainer Videos

If you’re a prospective business owner, one thing that you’ll have to include in your marketing strategy is explainer videos. Explainer videos tell your audience who you are, the products and services you offer and helps increase brand awareness and visibility. That’s why you should dedicate enough time to create a video that achieves those functions in a shorter timescale. This post describes the 6 stages of creating killer product explainer videos. Let’s get straight to them:

Extensive research is the hallmark of great product explainer videos

Before listing your product for sale, you have to go into deep research to know more about it and what it does. This research will lay the foundation for crafting a magnetic script. There are numerous sources to get vital information about your product, including search engines, manufacturer’s website (if you’re getting products from the manufacturer’s website) and offline sources, such as books and magazines.



Scripting is the second stage of creating excellent product explainer videos

This is the stage where to craft your script. It’s a critical step because it can make the difference between your explainer video popping and flopping. The script is where the voiceover will come from. Therefore, It’s should convey your brand message in a shorter timeframe; which is why it needs to be short, witty, punchy. The script will also help you fine-tune your message, and pinpoint your target and goals.



Animatic or storyboard is the third stage of producing great explainer videos

This is the stage to develop the skeleton of the intended outcome of your explainer video.


Voiceover is a critical stage in making killer product explainer videos

The voiceover can also mean the difference between your explainer video succeeding or flopping. It captures the right mood and feeling of your brand story. That’s why it should be witty and infectious. If you don’t have an irresistible voice, you can hire a voiceover professional to do it for you.


Design and animation of your product explainer videos

This is the skeleton of your explainer video. It’s where you develop the animations if you’re creating product animated videos. You can use software, such as GoAnimate, CrazyTalk or iClone to create your explainer video animations.



Sound and design of your product explainer videos

Most business people disregard this stage yet it’s vital. It involves balancing sound effects and music.

Well, this is a brief rundown of the stages of making killer explainer videos. A lot of time and effort is involved in these stages. These stages will also determine the price of the video. So follow them to the later if you hope to make great explainer videos for your brand.



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