5 Simple Steps To Making Animated Videos For Your Business Campaigns

//5 Simple Steps To Making Animated Videos For Your Business Campaigns

Are you in the process of developing a presentation or a product explainer video but confused about the way forward? Of course, you are not the only one adapting the new marketing technique. However, one of your worries is the process of developing this type of videos.

You are wondering whether to employ a video expert, but this is beyond your current budget. Or else, forget the idea in general. What you are going through is common for every newbie trying out the animated video technique. Fortunately, you have found a solution. This article presents you with five simple steps to creating animated explainer videos without consulting a professional:

a. Writing the video script

Like any other video, the first step in creating animated videos is developing a script. A video script is a story you want to pass on to the audience. In this case, it is the marketing information you want to pass on to your esteemed customers. When writing you explainer video script, you must ensure it is short and covers essential information intended for the market.

Also, the script needs to be conversational and designed using problem-solution approach. This means that your video will explain the burning issues affecting the audience and how your products/services will solve them. Nevertheless, the script should be short, simple and concise.

b. Develop a storyboard

Upon writing a script, the next step is developing a storyboard. A storyboard is a plan of how to visualize your script. It is a step by step plan of how the content in the script will be presented visually. Storyboard creation is crucial as it helps to determine which image or graphic will fit well with a given line in your script. If you fail to develop a compelling storyboard, you are confident that your animated video will be unproductive. Remember, you aim to tell a story using images and graphics. As such, your storyboard is the backbone of whether your story will be interesting or boring.

c. Record voiceovers for your animated video

Once storyboard development is complete, you need to record the voiceovers of the intended animated explainer video. Here, it involves putting voices telling the story as presented in your video script along with images selected in your storyboard. If you are not good at recording voiceovers, you can seek the help of voiceover freelancers from sites such as Fiverr and voice.com. Remember, your voiceovers must be interesting and in line with the message you want to convey through your product explainer videos. Essentially, the narrator inputting voiceovers must tell the story as replicated in the animated images in a way it will woo the audience

d. Animate your visuals

After voiceover recording, now it is time to animate your visuals. You need to put motion illusion on your visual pieces to incorporate narration and make your story lively. At this point, you need to employ several animation software and programs such as PowerPoint and Keynote. Also, you can use online paid or free platform to animate your images. Important to note, your animations must match with your voiceovers and video script.

e. Put sound effects and designs

After completing the above steps, the last step is adding sound effects to your animated videos. At this point, you select sound impacts to run in your videos. This can be music, a melody or an effect to create some liveliness in your video. However, you must ensure you do not infringe copyright rules when selecting your sound effects. Once you are done with the five steps, your animated video will be complete and ready for presentation to the prospective audience. And that is how to create animated explainer videos for your marketing and other corporate campaigns.

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