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Where to Host Your Videos: YouTube vs. Vimeo vs. Wistia?

With so many website hosting solutions and platforms available nowadays, choosing the best place to store your videos on the web can be a challenge. In this article we will be looking at the three most popular video hosting platforms: YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia.

Wistia – Small Platform, Big Business!

Wistia is the place to host your videos if you are just making your first steps in the website hosting business. It is a good platform for medium-sized enterprises, too. The platform’s designers had one idea in mind – turn occasional viewers into regular customers!

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While Vimeo and YouTube have been designed mostly for fun, Wistia’s main purpose is to make money. Hence the three pricing plans: Basic ($ 0/mo), Professional ($100 per month) and Premium (starting at $300 per month.

Vimeo – Creativity Knows No Limits

While YouTube is like the Mos Eisley cantina in the Star Wars universe, meaning that it stores all sorts of videos, the ones stored on Vimeo tend to have undisputed artistic value. There, you can also store your short documentaries, or even your video diary.

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Vimeo is the place to store your videos if you want to have them viewed by film critics or producers. Therefore, it can be the starting point of your career as an independent filmmaker. But the competition is there too – close to three hundred hours of video are uploaded on Vimeo every sixty seconds!

Another advantage of this video sharing platform is its state-of-the art video player, far superior to the ones provided by Wistia and YouTube. To enjoy the website’s full functionality, however, you’ve got to have a super-fast Internet connection.

The pricing plans of Vimeo are far more affordable than Wistia’s. The Basic one is free, while Vimeo Plus costs just 5 dollars per month. Dedicated video enthusiasts can choose between Vimeo Pro ($17/mo) and Vimeo Business ($50/month).

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YouTube -The Giant

Size does matter. It always has, and it always will! Therefore, the fact that YouTube is the largest and the oldest video sharing platform on the web should not be underestimated. More interesting is that fact that YouTube is also the second most powerful search engine after Google Almighty.

Part of the explanation of YouTube’s unmatched popularity is rooted in the fact that it is absolutely free to use. But this is also somewhat of a problem. With so many users on the platform at any given time, attracting a crowd of staunch followers isn’t easy.